Thursday, October 7, 2010

By Yezzika Mei


By Yezzika Mei


Did I born? ... I can not say I did… Am I alive? ... That question has more answers than it should… yes…and no. I breathe, but when I want it. I have a biting heart, but, It stop when I feed…
I feed … I feed… when I am hungry… but I am hungry almost all the time… and I have to hunt my prey and eat it while is hot… blood get cold easily…
“Blood” you ask? Yes is of what we feed… although I say “we” as me there is no other being… well maybe she… but she is also different…
“They” and I are different in some things and similar in other.
They have red eyes, well some of them had learnt to change the color to be able to stay closer to their… “Food”; my eyes are always blue.
They born as food and turn hunters if someone bites them; I born, if it is possible to call it like that, already hunter.
It is, probably, the best difference between us the fact of my birth, my creation, I had a father and a mother, and because of them… actually because of her is why I am what I am.
In what we are alike, then? We have the same feeding habits.
You, who had found my secret journal I kept from so many centuries, you, my dear one, probably are a delicious meal to anyone of us.
Human blood is something precious to us. We only can feed from it. So I hope you are hiding somewhere, and after read this diary you had learnt something new, I hope that thing you learn is to do not become a prey… or a hunter, both things are disagreeable.
Be careful…Be aware… we are everywhere.
Avalon Draig.

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